The Ultimate Guide to Storage Units in London

Shipping container storage units-

Are you running out of space for storage? Do you need reliable and safe Storage Units in London? Rent your shipping container storage units on a short-term and long-term basis as per your needs and budget. Shipping containers are usually large steel boxes used for the storage and transportation of goods. Also, many people are accustomed to the large containers seen on cargo ships. However, the plus point is they can be now used in different ways. 

Shipping containers are specially designed from ridged metal sheets that are welded together. They undergo strict quality assurance tests for water resistance, vibration, and impact so that they can easily withstand moisture, salt, and extreme weather conditions. They are available in different sizes. 

Although they are primarily used for shipping cargo, but once retired from the shipping industry, they put to some awesome alternate uses such as self-storage units and portable storage containers. If you are specifically required these container best Storage Units London, then you can also opt for a brand new container from a reliable supplier. 

Currently, people have realised the benefits of these storage units for homes, offices, workshops, etc., and they have embraced them. 

Key features of Storage Units in Crawley-

  • These storage units are durable, made of steel, and waterproof. They are made to hold heavy loads and withstand the roughest possible conditions.
  • They are movable or portable which is convenient for different purposes 
  • As they are self-enclosed, it prevents rodent and bug problems. It keeps your contents safe and intact for the duration
  • It offers extra security since your container is not connected to other units
  • In order to store your belongings, they are the best solution. Your belongings are as safe from environmental disasters from earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. They can be move and install at your door-step that makes them more convenient. 

The pros of using Storage Units in London-

Portability- We should always have a reserved space to store the belongings as we don’t know when we may need it. In that case, opting for storage units can be a smart move. Storage units can keep your most valuable items safe, secure, and protected. 

From construction projects and remodels to any of your storage needs, these portable storage units have got you covered. In fact, they are the most convenient, affordable, and reliable option. All you just need to hire a professional storage unit supplier that can give you the best deal and support.

Secured Option-

A storage system should ensure reliability and safety. Especially, when talking about the most expensive tools, equipment, and possessions, makes sure they are stored in a safe place. Most importantly, these storage units come with an advanced locking system that ensures without your permission, no one can enter the container. 

No matter you are using these containers for business or residential purposes, rest assured that your possessions will be safe and secured. They are made of the best materials to withstand even the toughest weather conditions. 

Ideal space- 

Sometimes, we find struggle with finding enough space to store our stuff. This requires a great storage solution. In that case, renting a storage container in a short term or long term could be more beneficial. Whether you are moving to a different location or just to get rid of a lot of the stuff they’ve accumulated over the years, you would need storage units. Temporary shortfalls on available space are predictable. You could be moving house, undergoing renovations, downsizing, moving your business to new premises, or perhaps leaving the area/country for a while. There are also various other examples available that show how important it is to use container storage units. 

In many cases, businesses are looking for long-term storage services for inventory storage and management for their stores. If you need to look after your business records and spare office consumables, it can be a great solution for you. For office relocation projects or downsizing and to bring furniture and equipment, you need long-term storage. When you’re relocating overseas and would prefer not to get rid of everything you own, you can opt for long-term storage units.


Renting a storage unit is a cost-effective way to meet almost all storage needs and it depends on your needs and preferences whether you will hire for a temporary or a long term basis. Your specific needs will decide the renting duration. If your storage needs are more long-term, then you ought to mull over leasing that would be a great solution when you don’t have enough storage space in their homes for items such as sports equipment, summer and winter wardrobes, and so on. 

On the flip side, you won’t need to make an upfront investment just like in the case of buying a storage container. This is one of the most important plus point of renting or leasing a storage container. Renting or leasing comes with more flexibility even if you need a storage container for your business. We ensure that both the homeowners and business owners can take advantage of the convenience of having storage units and easily access their contents.

Dry and clean facilities- 

A professional supplier can meet your storage needs effectively all with the guarantee of the lowest possible prices. They can give you the most dry and clean as well as flexible, accessible, and affordable storage solutions in London no matter your storage needs and duration required. 

Some of the best companies secure storage units with 24-hour access and every unit is secured by 24/7 security for the total confidence of our customers. You will receive quality facilities and dedicated customer care. You won’t need to worry about contractual obligations. They take your possessions’ safety and security extremely seriously. They will continuously monitor their storage units to guarantee their safety, cleanliness, and performance in general.

These storage units come in a range of options from standard, wide, and even extra-wide units to meet your needs as well as different sorts of entry doors. If you are looking to set up a workshop, you can avail of these units of a mains power supply for an additional fee. These container storage units are available in a range of convenient sizes from 32sqft up to 160sqft at ground-level and elevated as required. 

Short or long term storage-

Self-storage units provide the best quick-fix solution for a wide variety of problems, both in domestic and business circles alike. You can use these storage units for a few weeks or several years. A professional service provider ensures care and attention, 24/7 security, round-the-clock access (upon request) to your property, and superb value for money. You can also contact them for your emergencies and last-minute needs. These solutions are simply unbeatable, flexible, affordable, and accessible. 

Get the right size of Storage Units in London-

The storage units are available in different sizes to suit every requirement and budget. You can choose your type of safe and secure storage containers in different sizes and they are widely appreciated by the users for commercial, industrial, and domestic storage. You can choose them as temporary, long-term, or even permanent storage solutions. It includes the highest quality of 10ft containers, 20ft containers, and 40ft containers. 

Door Specifications-

These container storage units have doors on one end, but you can also get these doors on both ends for the ultimate convenience in loading and unloading. And Open-side options enable you to operate these containers from their entire site.

How much do storage units cost?

When we talk about the cost of Storage Units in Crawley, it may vary with different factors, including the size of the container and how the door is configured. At the same time, Dry containers are widely used and they are the most abundant and cost-effective. Also, they are available with a choice of different patterns, such as double doors or open sides in order to meet customers’ needs and specifications. 

The storage units can be temporary office solutions for construction sites and permanent offices at a variety of businesses. They may include damage waivers and insurance fees in your monthly billing invoice so that you won’t need to worry about incidental damage that may occur to the container storage while it is on your property. 

The process of installation and delivery Basics-

First of all, you need to be determined whether the site is accessible to the vehicles typically used in delivery. Apart from that, you need to consider a firm, level surface because you need to understand that Storage containers and vehicles used for delivery are extremely heavy pieces of equipment. The level surface supports all four corners of the unit to be placed precisely. You need to have a good deal of overhead clearance to productively deliver a mobile storage container. 

You can take the assistance of your supplier as well to install your storage units at your property. They know how to perform it well.

Who Uses Permanent or Temporary Storage Containers?

As we mentioned above that both residences and businesses are using storage units, here we are giving you an idea about those companies using containers. It includes construction companies, health care institutions, educational institutions, religious institutions, government agencies, commercial and industrial organizations, manufacturers, warehouses, sports and recreation organizations, Retail Establishments, and residences.

Any prior preparation needs for placing a container?

Make sure that the surface is fairly level, smooth, and firm. However, a concrete pad, asphalt paving, or other sturdy surface is preferred. 

What are the colors of storage containers?

The storage containers are a standard neutral color to mix with most surroundings. However, you can also choose a specific color to match your building or company colors. You just need to let your supplier known about it. 

Can I move the container later?

Yes, you can move the container later. These containers are profitable, stackable, and fully portable. In order to move your container, you can consult with your representative when deciding to move your storage units. 

What is the delivery time of containers?

Professional suppliers do it as soon as possible, 24-72 hours. If you need some customization, it may need some extra time, including custom paint jobs, extra doors, shelving, partitions, insulation, and additional storage container modifications.

Can I include shelving in my storage container?

Yes, your supplier can make it possible to install interior shelving. You can consult with them. 

Is the lock of the container secured? 

Yes. The locks are completely safe and protected. The supplier can give a more advanced lock with your storage units. 

What if the container needs repair?

The service provider will take care of maintenance and repair of your containers free of charge throughout the term of the rental period. 

Is the container durable?

Undoubtedly, container storage units are highly durable and last for more than 20 years. If you will choose used containers, the lifespan may vary. 

What does a container cost?

It depends on the changes in market, availability, and other variables. However, a professional supplier can give you an affordable deal. 

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