Top 7 Considerations When Looking for Shipping Containers for Sale in UK

Looking at shipping containers for sale in UK? Most often people assume that it is merely for storage, but it is just beyond that. You can see that people are using these containers in different ways which are innovative and convert this mass of metal into a dwelling-fully equipped and stunningly designed. And for this purpose, you don’t need to buy a brand new container even though you can easily find them online. You can get used to shipping containers online with a background check and good bargaining powers. 

Repurposing shipping containers for sale in UK-

Shipping containers or intermodal containers are usually big metal boxes produced to house goods as they are transported by land or by water. Talking about the common specifications, they are available in lengths of 20 feet or 40 feet, and a typical container measures 8 feet in width and 8 feet to 9.5 feet in height. They are made of ridged weathering steel and have doors at one end.

Mostly, these containers have been involved in commercial purposes globally and help to transport goods over long distances and different transport methods without unloading and reloading. As they are durable enough, they can be easily reused. 

The concept of shipping containers for sale in the UK is not new and not only involved in shipping. Mostly after a single use or retired by shipping companies, these metal boxes are put on sale. 

There is much business that has been using these containers for storage applications owing to their huge capabilities and facility to withstand the weight. It makes the appropriate for keeping furniture and other stored goods safe. 

However, these shipping containers are used in different ways by buyers owing to their quality features. 

Housing– The modular, boxy structure of these containers and durability make them ideal for use in housing construction. You can use a single container for a small, recycled residence as well as involve several units for larger homes to housing complexes consisting of small living spaces. You can find these in different places around the world. 

Practical hotels- Have you ever imagined that these containers can be also used for practical hotels? Yes, they can be precisely designed and stacked to get this job done. This process of building hotels is not only faster but cheaper than typical hotel construction. 

shipping containers London

Office and retail buildings– They can be utilized to construct extensive office and retail complexes. The most important thing is that these containers are flexible and easy to use. And you can source it from sellers of high-quality units.

Children’s Centres- Create multipurpose activity centres for children by using shipping containers such as walkways, staircases, projecting balconies, alternative classrooms for children, and much more. Especially, the metal structure makes it possible as they are lightweight compared to other construction materials. 

Apart from that, we have many other examples of shipping containers applications in different ways. In London, you can find many student apartments and other dwellings that are reused shipping containers. Also, it includes bars and coffee café in Australia. It is all about your creativity and how you will use it. 

Moreover, it is an investment for doing something good for the environment too. These containers don’t outlive their practicality and we have discussed a range of applications for shipping containers that ensure their versatility. 

However, buying quality containers should be your concern. It is not always necessary to buy a brand new one even though you can. Rather you can get used containers of great quality from suppliers in London. It may be a possibility that used containers have signs of dilapidation like holes and leaks, but they can be repaired too. Make sure they are properly insulated. Also, used containers are cheaper than new containers based on their usage and condition. However, they can meet your budget range if you are on a tight budget.

Things to consider when buying shipping containers for sale in UK-

Shipping containers are the best and solid exteriors with the best possible interiors for keeping goods as well as to use in different ways as per your needs. Several companies offer new and used containers to their customers in the UK. However, you should consider some useful factors before deciding on them if you are confused about choosing the best containers. It is essential to choose the best company which deals in shipping containers.

Be sure about your needs– You should ensure why you need containers and how long they will be used. It determines what kind of containers you need, be it a new one or a used one. These containers are also available in different sizes so you can choose accordingly. 

Superior quality– It is an important factor to be noted. Make sure the containers you are buying are of good quality metal and anti-corrosive steel. Also, you need to check any issues with it like cracks or holes in any part. Many companies you can find offering a chance to customers to check the premise and containers before finalising the buying. It will assist you in getting basic information about the total exposure and use of each unit.

Different uses– As we discussed above that these containers have different uses so you need to ensure that the measurements of the unit accommodate your things. When it comes to the best shipping containers London for sale, you can locate various suppliers that offer limited or bigger use of the facility so you can select accordingly. Also, these suppliers have different terms and conditions for their use. 

Affordability– It is much easier these days to get in touch with different companies online for these containers. You can send your requirement to your company to get an idea about the right price in the transportation and storage of goods. You can ask them for a free quote and compare the pricing range of different companies on the web. Remember, you have to make sure about the price before a deal. Your company should offer the best quality products at the best pricing range. 

Accessibility- Make sure about this point. You need to understand the terms and conditions of a company in advance to get the best deal. Ask them how easily and quickly you can access your containers as well as ask a company how they can help you in a precise shipping process. Different companies may have different time periods. 

Safety- It is yet another important factor that needs to be considered. When you are buying your required shipping containers, you should think about the safety and security of your belongings. Gather all the important information about the company you are dealing with. On the flip side, check the credibility and reputation of a company in the market and make sure you are dealing with a reliable company. Your containers ought to offer the most safety against pilferage, weather, and water. You should precisely assess the inside and outside of the container. Confirm the credentials of the company before deciding on their services. 

containers for sale Uk

Shipping the containers– It is another consideration that people overlook most often. Different companies may have their own shipping policies so be sure about it. You ought to ask a company about tracking the shipping of the container and they should give a regular update about it. In some areas, planning permission might be an issue so you can inquire with the local authorities regarding this. As a buyer, it is your responsibility to make sure about a space for the container and it should be logistically possible to deliver a shipping container in the area.

In a nutshell, several companies are offering containers for sale Uk for sale. For a successful deal, you have to consider these aforementioned points and your budget. It is worth investing in. 

Shipping containers for sale in UK- Does it require planning permission or not?

In the UK, shipping containers are considered as a temporary structure so they ought to be exempted from any planning permission requirements. This metal structure is portable and specially designed to move anywhere thus ensuring it exempts from planning permission requirements. Perhaps, in your area, there are any special conditions such as areas of natural beauty which can involve extra conditions. 

Hence, it is better to check with your local planning office once in advance regarding this if any concern is there. Also, it depends on your uses of containers, whether you want to use a single container or multiple shipping containers as well as using it for building a house or a self-storage yard, etc. we would suggest that you ought to discuss the requirement of planning permission with the authority for your containers. 

On the flip side, if you are a farmer or a small industrial unit and want to use a single container on your site to keep your goods or gear that is required for your regular trade or business, then most probably, you don’t need any planning for it. 


Shipping containers in London is the most convenient, cost-effective solution for any business looking to increase and make better use of all available space. It is also the fastest and cheapest alternative that you can get from a reliable and professional company for different uses. All you just need to have time and creativity, to make better use of them. These metal structures provide you with exceptional security, protection from the elements. 


Can I buy a shipping container for storage?

Yes, you can get both new and used shipping containers for storage. We would suggest that used containers will be more preferable for it. 

shipping containers London

How much does a shipping container cost? 

When it comes to the price of shipping containers, it will be influenced by several factors outside our control such as its size, specification, type, age, condition, delivery requirements, and so on. However, professional companies endeavour to give a dynamic pricing structure that enables suppliers to keep all shipping container costs as low as possible. Reputed companies ensure the lowest possible price on the market, but you can compare the price too. You can directly contact their customer care team to discuss availability. 

What type of condition will the shipping containers be in?

If you are buying used containers, they are usually watertight and structurally sound, and solid. They may have surface rust and dents but can be repaired. New containers are best in condition. 

How many boxes or furniture can I fit in a 20, 30, 40-foot container?

Well, it will be determined by the size of the container you select. Also, it depends on the size of the items or furniture you want to store. These metal structures are accessible in different sizes to suit all private, commercial and industrial needs alike. You can avail the right shapes and sizes as per your needs. 

Find the best and reputed company that offers shipping containers for sale in UKFor the best deal, you can visit

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